Oct 30

Workplace Massage Office Holiday Gift

The holiday season has officially begun and it seemingly plays out with one party after the next – maybe feeling like there’s no real break in between.

Your energy will be expended on traveling to and from venues, spending time talking and laughing with family and friends or co workers that you hardly got a chance to really talk to all year. Most people have a full time job at the workplace and a full time job at home. It’s not easy to manage it all and still be productive and at your optimum best. It’s virtually impossible. People always need some sense of balance and reward in order to make it to the next level.

As an employer, this time of year presents a great opportunity to show that you care about your team members in every aspect of their lives.

It’s a time to help them get through these hectic yet joyous days ahead for them. Throwing little parties and events at work is one way to let them know they are appreciated. U Knead Massage can make those events even more special by bringing some relaxation to your team. So many companies, from all different types of industries, have included chair massages and foot reflexology as part of their endeavor to show appreciation for their staff, volunteers and even clients and customers.

U Knead Massage brings the rejuvenation to your venue. All your employees or guests have to do is show up!

UKneadMassage Massage Therapists

UKneadMassage Massage Therapists on site at a staff appreciation day for Entertainment Partners

Services like these don’t only show your team how much you care, it also helps them through the holiday season which can become overwhelming and tiresome for so many.

Consider it an Office Holiday Gift. Entertainment Partners is one of the many companies that took the initiative to use U Knead Massage in their show of appreciation for staff as 2015 slowly winds down to a close.

Visit www.ukneadmassage.com for more information and be sure to include some massage booths in your next event before 2015 is out. Show your team you care!

Oct 21

Chair Massage Events – Behind The Scenes

This week has been filled with our massage therapists bringing some much needed rejuvenation to over a 1,000 employees of Entertainment Partners. They know and understand the value and benefits of chair massages for their team.

When you are in tune with the needs of your employees and how to help them be more productive on a day to day basis, the success of your company’s efforts could improve at a rapid rate. The benefits of having relaxed and rejuvenated team members are priceless. A 15 minute massage alone, can boost morale and the overall energy of your entire work force can change in a matter of minutes. Your employees will be re energized, relaxed and most importantly, they feel appreciated.

So how does it work exactly? All we need is a space like a board room or break room to set up our specialized massage chairs. Chair massages are performed over clothing by a licensed massage therapist. These massages are especially helpful for people who sit at a desk or use a computer keyboard. The massages take no longer than a coffee break, typically done in 15 minute increments but can be as long as or as short as you wish. We have a program to fit your budget.

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

It has been our pleasure to bring relaxation to Entertainment Partners employees. Are you ready to schedule your employee appreciation event? Please contact us to set up your event!

In a nutshell, here’s the value of chair massages: Relieve Stress – Improve Employee Morale – Increase Productivity – Improve Creative Thinking – Relieve Fatigue – Lower Absenteeism!

Mar 19

Our Chair Massages Were a Success.

Clients last week said our chair massages helped make their event a huge success and helped imaging employees at Cedars Sinai Medical Center keep stress at bay.

Imagine a blue sky hugging a lone palm tree overlooking a white-sand beach and calm ocean. This was the visual theme for the Stress-Free Zone, an event that drew nearly 250 Department of Imaging employees on March 13.

We were massaging all day from 7am to 5pm In fact we lost count of how many employees we massaged that day!

Here we are in action doing chair massage

Here we are in action doing chair massage

Here we are in action doing chair massages …

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