Foot Massage

Are your employees on their feet all day?
If your employees are on their feet all day we will put the spring back into their step with a 15-30 minute foot reflexology and massage. 

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology energizes the whole body by stimulating pressure points on the feet. Reflexology improves circulation, the blood’s capacity to carry vital nutrients where needed and remove toxins and waste products more efficiently. Other than the circulatory system the body also has other ways to remove toxins – for example, the lymphatic system and digestive system.Stress affects these systems so that they don’t function optimally. Reflexology has the effect of increasing the flow and movement of these systems by decreasing stress held in the body. 

Reflexology revitalizes energy. Most of us complain from time to time of “low energy”. It can appear as an inability to concentrate, a lack of motivation for things we usually enjoy or a physical feeling of tiredness. By opening up any blocked pathways in the body, we feel better about ourselves, renewed and in a better mood, both immediately after a treatment and for several days afterwards. Aromatherapy is also available and we prefer to use energizing essential oils like Peppermint because certain scents can help boost your energy levels and lift your spirit. Wintertime and peppermint go hand in hand, but this powerful fragrance works all year long. Its menthol scent opens up the sinus passages, helping you breathe easier all day long. Consider keeping a small bottle of peppermint oil on your desk or in your purse. This way you’ll have it when you need it the most. Call us today at 323 573 6344 to set up your appointment!