May 04

Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai


Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai. We were invited back to rejuvenate the staff at Cedars Sinai for their Wellness Day!

What is wellness exactly? Is it eating well? Is it exercising? Is it meditation?

cedar_sinai_may2017-32Wellness is an overall approach to feeling good and taking care of self. It’s about lifestyle choices that takes care of yourself physically, emotionally and psychologically. It’s sort of a holistic approach to self-care. This is important to all of us and if we knock it down to a Science, one might say it comes down to a balancing act – finding the right balance for everything we need in order to live a fuller life.

Wellness is especially important for care givers, nurturers, nurses, doctors and everyone who plays a role in helping others to be better. This week U Knead Massage took eight hours of chair massage to de-stress staff of Cedars Sinai hospital.

It helps to bring about balance for their team and it shows great levels of appreciation for all they do.

Everyone treated our Massage Therapists so beautifully and we were elated to be a play a role in bringing so much appreciation and acknowledgment to their staff. The better your team, the better your success rate.

It’s truly rewarding to work with companies who cherish their team members, especially hospitals and the like.

Thank you Cedars Sinai.


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