Apr 11

Nurse Week Honoring the Soul of the Nurse with Relaxation + Massage

National Nurses Week is coming up on May 6th and runs through to May 12th. This special week is a testament to a wonderful woman who knew from a very young age that she wanted to play a vital role in the healing of people. Her name was Florence Nightingale and she is often called the mother of modern nursing.

If you’ve ever been sick or had to depend on a nurse to care for you or a loved one, you would understand the deep connection made with nurses sometimes. The nurse represents so much, especially if our situation is dyer. He or she is a representation of hope, love and humility – so many diverse feelings. The patient will always remember the care and tenderness offered and the face of a nurse easily becomes like the face of an angel. It could be their knowledge or sometimes just their smile. Their smile alone can light up the room and the life of a patient and even family members or friends. The radiance of a nurse is immeasurable.

Florence Nightingale

The beauty of a nurse’s soul shows in the comfort of their patients. Nurses Week is a great time to honor their beauty overall by giving them back some of the nurturing they give on a daily basis.

Even if your team is strapped for time with overcrowded wards and long, stressful hours on their feet, there is still time for them to get even some neck and shoulder massages that will go a long way. Imagine creating some space for a few professional massage chairs to give neck and shoulder massages in increments of 10 minutes each. The amount of relief and letting go it will bring to you team is priceless.

U Knead Massage can bring these services to your team and they won’t have to go anywhere except walk over to their “massage station” – something we create in your workplace, for a tiny break that will yield enormous results.

Their long hours, dedication to saving lives and bringing joy to people go beyond the knowledge they may have to heal a wound. Give them the chance to feel as treasured and appreciated.

Call us at 323-573-6344 to see how we can book a few hours to bring pampering, care and rejuvenation to some of the most caring people on the planet.

Happy Nurses Week awaits. Are you ready?


Some of the nurturers on our team who can bring much rejuvenation to your team!

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