Feb 18

Employee Appreciation Week Deserves Some Rejuvenation + Relaxation

Employee Appreciation Weeks starts the first Friday in March of every year and this year, 2016, it will start on March 4th. Employees are one of the greatest resources a company can have in order to succeed. In most cases they provide the core support to a company’s success – whether it be customer service, ideas, productivity, professionalism, support or sometimes simply showing up – their role is priceless.

Most of us spend the majority of our days either at work or commuting to and from work. If it’s where we spend most of our waking hours then it should be the one place we are happy to be. It should be a place where we feel valued beyond a salary or monetary compensation. It should be a place where we are happy to arrive and leave knowing we have contributed to the greater good of a company’s success.

In our line of business we bring relaxation and rejuvenation to the workplace with on-site massage. After a 15 minute massage which targets the back, neck and shoulders your employees will feel appreciated and happy. We have found that the happier your employees are, the more success you will find for your company.

Here are five good reasons to show appreciation for your employees:

Turnover of human resources will decrease.

Productivity will continue to soar.

Optimism at work will become infectious.

Customer service will improve.

Employees will feel more inclined to want more success for the company.

Here’s one sure way to show appreciation for your employees:

Call U Knead Massage at 323-573-6344 to arrange a day and time so that we can set up a massage event for your staff members. A short 15 minute chair massage will relax and rejuvenate your employees and boost their morale.

What better way to celebrate Employee Appreciation Week!

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for you.

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