Sep 18

3 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment with Massage

September is Self-Improvement Month which brings about empowerment, focus and clarity. These improvements have far reaching effects on everyone you come in contact with. Imagine the effects it has on people you likely spend most of your hours with each day – co workers, team, staff, employees, colleagues and the like.

Each step we make to improve who we are is considered self improvement – and sometimes these tiny steps add up to a leap!

Our licensed massage therapists on site, ready for two days of chair massages for Entertainment Partners

If you’re looking for a way to make everyone in the office more aware of how they can improve themselves and how it affects the whole office team, here is how U Knead Massage can help. Book a few hours dedicated to giving 15 minute massages to each team member. You will be amazed at what just 15 minutes will do to help your team improve. Here are 3 ways to improve your office environment with massage:

Boost Morale
Employee morale is the core of a successful business. Workers want to feel appreciated. They want to know they play a significant role in the success and betterment of their workplace.

Decrease Stress
We all know the down side of stress shown by frequent sick days and low productivity. Massage has proved to lower blood pressure and increase circulation and it releases endorphins, the feel good hormones. Your staff will be happy. The happier they are, the better they are and it will change the energy of the people around them.

Increase Productivity
A study done by University of Miami School of Medicine’s Touch Research Institute proved how massages can positively affect the employees. One group was given 20 minute seated massages twice a week; the control group was instructed to do isometric exercises for relaxation. The massage group showed less anxiety and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The massaged group, despite being physically relaxed, was more alert after the massage than before. Those who got massages were able to do math problems in half the time and with half as many errors as the control group.

The gain is mutual. Your team feels better and the likelihood of your company’s improvement increases immediately, whether you can see it plainly or not. Call us today at 323-573-6344 to book a few hours for the team that mean the most. U Knead Massage can help.


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