Mar 28

Stay Healthy at Work in Four Easy Steps


Depending on the profession, our job may bring different stress levels to us. If you are standing or sitting, interfacing with customers or crunching numbers all day, (think tax season) – there are steps we can take to balance our day.  This balance is only beneficial when it’s most productive for our job and for own well-being.

Here are some simple things you can do to help bring some balance to your body and mind on any job site.

1. Posture is Priceless

Whether your job entails a lot of sitting or standing, posture will play a vital role in how air flows through your body and it will determine your productivity, mental state and ability to perform optimally. Imagine your spine being held by balloon going up to the sky and one going down into the ground. Keep your body in alignment with its highest potential and it will make the flow of all that you are much easier.

2. Get Up + Go

Every hour take a minute to stand up and stretch. Walk to the water fountain or at least take 50 steps around your work space. This will get your blood flowing more freely and you get to work your muscles even just a little. Most times stepping away from your desk or work position helps you to think more clearly, see things differently and it can inspire answers you are seeking. If your job entails a lot of standing then use this time to stretch. 3 to 5 minutes to do some key stretching will keep you going longer and smarter.

3. Water Works

Be sure to drink enough water. Get a water bottle with measurements on it and aim to drink by a different spot each hour of the day. This will keep you consistently hydrated which will help you to be more focused and less tired at the end of each day. It will also aid in your digestion and help to bring even more vitality to your body.

4. Make Time for a Massage

U Knead Massage specializes in bringing chair massages to the workplace. A 15 minute massage can make a world of difference for the entire team. It’s amazing how much tension it releases and how much more relaxed and rejuvenated everyone will feel. This will boost morale and escalate performance levels of just about everyone on deck. Give it a chance and see if you can have it included as a Quarterly Employee Appreciation Boost.

Take some time to implement the things you can and call U Knead Massage at 323-573-6344 to help with the chair massages!

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