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Aug 29

Wellness Week is Just Around the Corner.

Feeling good wherever you are is a huge contributor to your overall wellness. Since the average person spends most of the waking hours working, we hope you’re working in an environment that you love. Even better, that you’re in a field that aligns with your purpose. If you’re at the top of the line or …

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Sep 18

3 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment with Massage

September is Self-Improvement Month which brings about empowerment, focus and clarity. These improvements have far reaching effects on everyone you come in contact with. Imagine the effects it has on people you likely spend most of your hours with each day – co workers, team, staff, employees, colleagues and the like. Each step we make …

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May 04

Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai

Wellness Day at Cedars Sinai. We were invited back to rejuvenate the staff at Cedars Sinai for their Wellness Day! What is wellness exactly? Is it eating well? Is it exercising? Is it meditation? Wellness is an overall approach to feeling good and taking care of self. It’s about lifestyle choices that takes care of …

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Apr 11

Nurse Week Honoring the Soul of the Nurse with Relaxation + Massage

National Nurses Week is coming up on May 6th and runs through to May 12th. This special week is a testament to a wonderful woman who knew from a very young age that she wanted to play a vital role in the healing of people. Her name was Florence Nightingale and she is often called the mother …

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Mar 28

Stay Healthy at Work in Four Easy Steps

Depending on the profession, our job may bring different stress levels to us. If you are standing or sitting, interfacing with customers or crunching numbers all day, (think tax season) – there are steps we can take to balance our day.  This balance is only beneficial when it’s most productive for our job and for …

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Mar 27

Work Wellness Day Includes Massage for Stress Reduction

Today we are busy providing 15 minute massages to the staff of a local company in El Segundo – Proactiv.  We’re excited to partner with Proctiv (a skin care product) as they are committed to creating better lives for everyone, including their team members. Proactiv understands skin care is only one part of self-care. They are honoring that …

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May 01

Teacher’s Appreciation Week

As Teacher’s Week approaches, please take a moment to acknowledge the teacher in your life – whether from your past or your child’s present. Teacher’s Week will be in the first full week of May from the 2nd to the 6th. There was a time not so long ago when teachers fought to be recognized …

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Feb 18

Employee Appreciation Week Deserves Some Rejuvenation + Relaxation

Employee Appreciation Weeks starts the first Friday in March of every year and this year, 2016, it will start on March 4th. Employees are one of the greatest resources a company can have in order to succeed. In most cases they provide the core support to a company’s success – whether it be customer service, …

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Dec 12

Reflexology Relieves Tension, Renews and Rejuvenates.

Reflexology is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness based on the theory that there are reflex points on the feet, hands and ears linked to every part of the body. Reflexology suggests then, that you can reach every organ and cell in your body through the art of massaging the …

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Nov 20

On-site Chair Massage Puts Employees on Cloud Nine.

UKneadMassage specializes in corporate events and promotes showing true appreciation to team members who incite success and growth for their companies. It was with great pleasure that we provided relaxing chair massages for a hard working team of employees in Playa Vista last week. The whole team of 24 had been working 12-15 hour days …

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